Ivan (Zak) Zakharenkovi DVM MBA

Dr. Ivan Zak 1

Dr. Ivan “Zak” Zakharenkov is a veterinarian, an entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for the well-being of veterinary professionals. After 12 years in ER and a severe case of burnout, Ivan pivoted to creating products that improve the workflows and experience of veterinary teams. He founded SmartFlow, a workflow optimization system, and Veterinary Integration Solutions, an executive consulting firm offering proprietary operating platform for enterprise management and burnout prevention. Pursuing his goal to make a sizable impact on the veterinary industry, Dr. Zak founded Galaxy Vets, a veterinary healthcare system co-owned by its employees and with burnout prevention as a strategic priority.

Along the way, Ivan obtained an MBA degree in International Healthcare Management with a thesis, “Implementation of Lean Thinking to Improve the Employee Experience.” Ivan is the co-host of two podcasts: Veterinary Innovation Podcast and Consolidate That! His hobbies are fishing, badminton, weight lifting, and reading. Ivan lives in Canada with his wife, two kids and four ducks.

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