Mark Johnston MA VetMB PhD MRCVS

Founder of the Vets in Mind Alliance, and CEO of Vetstream. His first encounter with mental health was when his father took his life when Mark was 10. Mark started his professional life in first opinion equine practice before spending the majority of his clinical years responsible for the anaesthesia and Critical care of equine patients at Rossdales in Newmarket.  Without realising it, he experienced significant burn out and realised that his career would need to take a different direction. Sometime after he burnt out he realised he needed to take action to get out of where he was, but found it hard to work out what steps to take.  He left practice and carried out his PhD and Post Doc research when he set up and ran the Confidential Enquiry in to Perioperative Equine Fatalities, before getting involved with Vetstream which provides digital services to support veterinary practices in their clinical work.

Because of his personal experience of burn out and family suicide, Mark became fundamentally interested in mental health and realised that the veterinary community would benefit from having a practical tool to support them in their professional and personal life journeys and formulated a plan to provide such support via a triaging and signposting tool for all members of the veterinary community and realised that a free to use app (and website)  could help so that wherever anyone is, they could access a tool via their smartphone that could give them, their colleagues, friends and family some ways of finding out more and start them on the journey of discovery and improvement.

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