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Providing quality information about mental health and wellness for the veterinary community
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Have you checked in with yourself lately?

Use our assessment tools, developed with experts using recognized scales and measures, to check your mental health status.

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What is Vets In Mind?

Vets In Mind is a not for profit organisation that aims to be a source of quality information about mental health and wellness for the veterinary community, providing information from credible sources, case studies from our profession and to signpost people to programmes run by various associations, organizations, charities and support groups around the world for all members of the veterinary market whether they are in practice, academia or companies and charities in the veterinary market.

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Vets In Mind aims to help by:

Giving members of the veterinary community the tools to become cognisant of mental health issues by providing short, general information on a number of mental health topics

Providing contacts for mental health support for all team members of veterinary practices 

Providing 24/7 information regarding looking after themself and others in the first instance as prevention, as well as how to seek further assistance for themself or colleagues, family members and friends

It is provided by an App available on the Apple and Google app store, as well as having some resources on this website

You can download the app via:

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